100 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place



100 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Placemyspot


  1. Smile for a day. Even if you don’t feel like it. And see what happens.
  2. Practice KINDESS.
  3. At a gathering, go speak gently to someone who is alone.
  4. Do not neglect yourself: take a break and do one thing to pamper yourself. You’ll then have more energy to give others and so keep the giving in your life more in balance.
  5. Pay it forward: anonymously pay for someone’s cup of coffee in café or meal in a restaurant or the car toll for the vehicle behind you.
  6. Utter only gentle and positive words today.
  7. Let someone in line behind you go ahead of you.
  8. Leave an unexpectedly generous tip for a server.
  9. Join a Random Acts of Kindness organization.
  10. Practice SERVICE.
  11. Put yourself aside for the day and put your self in the service of another or others.
  12. Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time and devote yourself to talking about how his or her life is going.
  13. We often treat strangers better than those nearest to us. Do something wonderful for the person(s) with whom you are most intimate (something that’s about them and their interests, not you and yours).
  14. Volunteer for something.
  15. Hold open doors for others.
  16. Practice NURTURING.
  17. Plant something. Then care for it.
  18. Find a public place that you can leave in better condition than you found it (pick up trash from the area, wash or tidy something).
  19. Adopt a homeless pet.
  20. Try driving less and walking more.
  21. Turn off your technology for a day.
  22. Give a hug.
  23. Listen well to children and, just for a day, to adults as if to their inner child.
  24. Conserve water and electricity usage.
  25. Think about where your food comes and how you can better support the earth (search out a local farmer’s market).
  26. Spend the day trying to listen, not just hear.
  27. Bring a home-cooked meal to (or invite someone to dinner) who could use one.
  28. Practice INTEGRITY.
  29. Connect with the people you pass on the street by greeting them sincerely.
  30. Give away those things in your house that are neither beautiful nor useful.
  31. Have the courage to speak your truth today, even if it seems impossible.
  32. Wherever gossips arises about someone, instead say something positive about that person.
  33. Let your deeds mirror your words.
  34. Practice GRATITUDE.
  35. Send a thank-you card to someone for something they did for you.
  36. Send a thank-you card to someone for something they did for you a long time ago.
  37. Start expressing one thing for which you are grateful before each evening meal. Invite others to join you in this practice.
  38. If you are healthy, give thanks. Then express that further by donating blood or spending time with someone who is ill.
  39. Start a gratitude journal and stick with it for at least a month. Observe what happens to your life.
  40. Cultivate awareness of how easy it is to slip into taking things and people for granted.
  41. Say “thank you”. And mean it.
  42. Practice GENEROSITY.
  43. Compliment a stranger.
  44. Give up your seat for someone.
  45. Give a colleague one of your vacation days or housesit/babysit for a friend or neighbor so they can have some time off.
  46. Bring treats to share at work.
  47. Praise a colleague or employee to their supervisor.
  48. Cook a meal for someone and take the time to really talk.
  49. Give away something that you greatly value.
  50. Invite someone new (at work, school, community, church, etc.) to hang out.
  51. On your way out the door, ask if anyone needs anything.
  52. Offer to animal-sit, house-sit, or child-sit for free.
  53. Practice PATIENCE.
  54. Do not interrupt anyone who is speaking.
  55. In a rush? Take a moment to remember that we are all headed to the same destination, and convert your impatience and frustration into a good act.
  56. Walk very slowly on your way out and about in the world today. Walk as if you had no destination, relaxing deeply into your body and the present moment.
  57. Take time to breathe. Slowly. Deeply.
  58. While waiting in a long line, make conversation with those around you or smile and send out radiant thoughts of peace to everyone waiting with you. See what happens.
  59. Carve out time for meals. Then eat without haste.
  60. Practice BEAUTY.
  61. Deliberately beautify something ugly in the world.
  62. Look in the mirror this morning and find one beautiful thing about yourself. Then celebrate it somehow.
  63. Go for a walk and bring a beautiful object home. Put it on your table and contemplate it.
  64. Notice what someone else finds beautiful and then make them a gift of that thing.
  65. Sit and speak with a tree, an herb, a flower. A stone, a mountain, a river…
  66. Spend time slowly selecting pieces of fresh fruit. Then savor and share them.
  67. Start a conversation with others about the nature of beauty.
  68. Point out beauty to others.
  69. See the beauty in someone else and tell him or her about it.
  70. Practice COMPASSION.
  71. Go to a library and offer to pay a stranger’s book fines.
  72. Visit with an elderly person.
  73. Speak heart-to-heart with someone who appears distressed.
  74. If someone mistreats you, withdraw and imagine them as a child. Imagine how, just like you, they seek happiness and avoidance of suffering.
  75. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes today (or give your shoes to someone who hasn’t any).
  76. Offer directions to someone who looks lost.
  77. Empty your pockets for the first beggar you encounter, without judging their situation.
  78. Try consciously shifting from an individual sense of “I” to a collective sense of “we”.
  79. Practice FORGIVENESS.
  80. Find one thing to like about someone you dislike. Then compliment that person on that quality.
  81. Find a way to heal a past hurt in your life. Let it go and then welcome something new into its place.
  82. Do something for others in the name of one you have hurt or of one who is no longer living.
  83. Investigate rituals like ho‘oponopono.
  84. Cancel a debt that someone owes you.
  85. Mend a rift with someone by being the first to offer the olive branch.
  86. Practice TRUST.
  87. Have a friend or loved one blindfold you and lead you around for an hour. Then trade places with them sometime.
  88. The next time something awful happens to you, make a conscious decision to give up the outcomes to trusting that all will be well.
  89. Grant trust, but understand that others may not do the same.
  90. Assert to yourself that you have everything you need.
  91. Practice JOY.
  92. Leave a book inscribed with a lovely personal message somewhere for a stranger to find.
  93. Leap into the unknown.
  94. Embrace your sorrows like good friends before you bid farewell to them.
  95. Post inspiring, positive messages in public places.
  96. Go barefoot.
  97. Find something to laugh about today.
  98. Allow yourself to fully yield to childlike wonder about one thing you see today, whether the rain, a flower, a word, a person, a movement…
  99. Leave flowers for a complete stranger (with or without a cheerful note).
  100. Sing or dance joyfully in public. Skip. Twirl. Leap up. Embarrassing? Maybe. But contagious.


How do you make the world a better place? Add to the list in the comments below.

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