Herbal Ice Cubes - Borage

It’s a simple thing to preserve the beauty of herbs: freeze them.


(Here we focus on swiftly amplifying the beauty of blossoms, but see below for details on variations.)

1. Collect your blossoms, making sure you know what flowers you are using—i.e., that they are fully edible—and do not gather from areas near vehicle exhaust or in which there have been chemical sprays. We’ve used Starflower here (Borago officinalis) but you could experiment with Heart’s Ease (Viola tricolor), Rose petals, Hibiscus, or other flowers. You can also use leaves (Mints, Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), and so on.*

2. Place a blossom (or more if you desire!) in each ice cube section and then fill only halfway with pure water. Why halfway? Because the flowers tend to float to the top and therefore will not be fully covered by the frozen water.

3. Once frozen, fill your tray the rest of the way with water and refreeze.

4. Serve in glasses of water, lemonade, or other libations—preferably for the delight of the company you keep!

5. To preserve not just the beauty of an herb but also its medicinal properties, you can also make an infusion (medicinal-strength tea) from plants of your choice. Strain and then use the infusion for your freezing liquid instead of plain water.


making herbal ice cubes


Have you made herbal ice cubes? Share with us in the comments below.

* Note: we’ve used Borago officinalis in the ice cubes pictured here. Do not consume if pregnant or nursing, and do not give to children. Always do your own research and/or consult with your practitioner(s) if you have doubts or concerns about what herbs you are using.

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