The Art Healing Science Circle

The Circle, which will launch in 2018, is a private membership community that includes all online and in-person workshops, access to the private Art Healing Science forum, and special discounts in our shop.

Membership is currently $24.99 a year (or only 2 dollars a month if you do the math: you’ll have the option to choose to pay more if you wish).


For Whom is the Circle a Good Fit?

You may be desiring a sense of herbal community, wanting to learn new herbal skills from scratch or perhaps hoping to refine a specific medicine-making skill.

You may also be drawn to one of the many avenues of the herbal journey, but your life may be too full at this time or your financial situation too strained to commit to a long-term herbal program.


A Bit More about Workshops

Our workshops allow you to step into herbal wisdom in a way that is in-depth, completely at your own pace, affordable, accompanied by the personal guidance of an herbalist, and gives you the individual tools you want, when you want them.

Current online workshops include Flower Essences and Tisanes. Coming early next year is Materia medica. Next year will also introduce tinctures & glycerites, vinegars, salves & balms.


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