medicine for body & spirit


Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn…

(Elizabeth Lawrence)


Join us for a simple yet in-depth seasonal journey in autumnal wellness.

This 3-month, online workshop will become available in September 2017.


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The Healing Year is an annual program broken into 4 seasonal quarters.

In our Autumn quarter, we explore how to support mind, body, & spirit as we cross the threshold from summertime into autumn. Herbal medicine-making skills and self-reflection are core elements of the program, brought full circle by herbal and wellness practices from Western and Eastern traditions.


What’s In Your Workshop?


* access to the private Art Healing Science herbal discussion forum

* weekly guidance from an instructor

* a structured course format

* a lovely downloadable PDF

* 10% off future workshops


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