The Materia medica Workshop


What’s Inside Your Program:


What is a Materia medica?

Simply put, it’s a body of collected knowledge regarding the the therapeutic properties of herbs.


Learn how to bring together the heart, the hands, and the head to create a unique herbal.

You’ll discover how to create a wholistic herbal: it will bring together head knowledge (books and research), body wisdom (somatic experiences), and heart wisdom (intuition).

Create beautiful and reliable materia medica in a personal herbal that will be a treasure you can pass on.

Engage in the art and science of herbalism so that your materia medica result in an herbal that is at once beautiful and full of reliable information. It can be hard to know what sources are reliable, so:

Get tips on the best resources for creating a materia medica.

Know how to sort through what is useful and reliable information and what is not. Plus, get a list of the best free resources and a recommended reading list for your research.

Receive personalized guidance on your first herbal profile.

You’ll have the option of choosing your first herb for your materia medica writings and receiving personalised feedback from a seasoned herbalist and writer of herbal monographs.

Ask any questions you may have.

Not sure about something? You’ll have a month to ask questions and get weekly guidance as you work through the detailed workshop materials and lessons.

Discounts on future workshops.

You’ll receive 20% another Art Healing Science workshop.


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