Workshops & Courses


Our online programs are designed as simple but in-depth guides to exploring the wisdom of the plant world. The 2018 course catalog will be posted in coming months.


Anyone can take one of our workshops, whether you are wanting to learn new herbal skills from scratch or perhaps hoping to refine a specific medicine-making skill. That being said, our workshops are particularly suited to individuals who may be drawn to one of the many avenues of the herbal journey, but whose lives may be too full at this time or whose financial situation is too strained to commit to a long-term herbal program.

Our workshops therefore allow you to step into herbal wisdom in a way that is in-depth, completely at your own pace, affordable, accompanied by the personal guidance of an herbalist, and gives you the individual tools you want, when you want them. You may also wish to explore membership in the Art Healing Science Circle for additional discounts and a sense of community.

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