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Taraxacum officinalis



Taraxacum officinalis


dandelion herbal etymology


Taraxacum: deriving perhaps from the Greek nouns ἡ ταραχή (“disorder” or “disturbance”) and το ἄκος  (“remedy”). The Greek word ταραχή actually referred to physiological disturbance (for example, of the bowels) in ancient literature.

Dandelion: Understood to be derived from the French Dent de lion (Lion’s tooth), which goes back to the equivalent Latin (Dens leonis) and Greek (Leontodon) names. There is, however, confusion as to which part of the herb—leaf, root, or flower—inspired the appellation (for more on this, cf. Grieve).

COMMON NAMES: Fairy’s clock, Gowan, Lion’s tooth, Pee in the bed, Piss-a-bed, Priest’s crown, Puffball, Swine’s snout, Wild succory; FrenchChicorée savageCoq, Couronne de moine, Dent-de-lion, Fleur d’or, Florin d’or, Groin-de-porc, Groin de cochon, Laitue de chien, Liondent, PissenlitSalade de taupe, Sou d’or, taupinet; LatinDens leonis; Ancient GreekLeontodon.